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Message from BAA President

The real benefit of youth sports is not trying to develop the superstars of tomorrow, but building character and instilling values. Sports is a vehicle for some important lessons of life; the value of sportsmanship and teamwork. 

·         Sportsmanship playing fairly, but hard, respecting your teammates, coaches, referees, and opponents (even when your opponent fails to display the same trait).
·         Teamwork working together to achieve a common goal. More often than not it means putting the team's interests ahead of your own.
Sportsmanship and teamwork should be enough, but there is more.
·         Physical Strength working your hardest at every practice and at every game, being prepared to give that little extra when you need to get the ball to your teammate for the perfect assist.
·         Mental Toughness playing your best even when you know you may be mismatched by a bigger and faster opponent. Surprising even yourself when you succeed. Holding your head up high when you fall short of the mark because you know you gave it your all.
For adults, youth sports provides a wonderful teaching opportunity, be it as a coach or as your child’s number one fan.  Ongoing encouragement lasts a lifetime “I am so proud of you, I know you tried your hardest” is music to a child’s ears.  
Youth sports should be a building block for a lifetime of physical fitness and don’t forget, it should be fun. 

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Information and registration for the Spofford Pond School Cross Country Team

The Registration "2014 Boxford Athletic Assoc. Girls Softball" is not currently available.

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